Ambiguous, misleading, generalist - can you avoid these questionnaire pitfalls?

Get it wrong on the design of your questionnaire and you’re almost guaranteed to get answers and data back which might make a monkey of your business.

A good questionnaire is built up from an understanding of your business, its customers and the psychology of how people react to certain subjects and forms of questioning. A standard market research questionnaire template doesn’t take these factors into account - it can’t its generic. An online questionnaire has to work that little bit harder. Free templates often fail to deliver valid insight. For instance, respondents might find the phrasing of questions confusing, or, having provided a direct answer may become irritated by subsequent questions which ignore their previous answer.

Asking the right questions, phrasing them correctly and posing them to the right people is what we do and it’s what we have been doing since 1981. Our online questionnaires are intuitive, clear and engaging. They are designed with the respondent in mind and ultimately with a view to providing truthful answers in a data rich format.

MyPointOfView questionnaires are designed by experienced researchers, recognised by the Market Research Society, who will advise you at no extra cost!

And we don’t try to make a monkey of you with extra fees for questionnaire design, or the subscription levels you might find in other online research platforms - just one transparent survey cost which we quote in advance.

Check out how MyPointOfView compares to the ʻlow costʼ online survey panels here.

How straightforward is that.

Free online panels - the hidden cost

We believe being upfront and honest about what it costs to run an online survey.

Sure, you can get free market research surveys, but the number of people you’ll get to answer your questions will be ludicrously low - there’s a certain simian offering free surveys, but that’s limited to 10 responses. Who’s answered your questions and their demographics are meaningless because the sample is just too low. So, it’s free, but you might as well go out on the street and ask 10 people yourself - less effort, at least you know real people have answered your questions and it’s free! But just like the online free survey - statistically unsound and unless you’re a seasoned questionnaire designer the answers you get may be misleading.

Now that we have got that bit over with we can explain that we don’t try to entice you in with offers and then start asking you to pay once we have snared you in. We will instead provide a quotation and that’s what you will pay, nothing more and nothing less.

MyPointOfView’s price includes:
  • a market research professional writing the questionnaire following a detailed person to person briefing
  • guidance on sample sizing and targeting to ensure statistical accuracy and relevance
  • individual research project management at all stages - one person, not a call centre
  • fully data reporting in any format you require allowing granular drill down and segmentation
  • presentation of findings and recommendations at your offices if required

Check out how MyPointOfView compares to the ʻlow costʼ online survey panels here.

How straightforward is that.

Online research panels - trial and error, or professional guidance?

Research is only done for a reason: to provide answers and insight into the unknown. And if itʼs unknown, or just needs validating, then you better make sure that you do everything possible to make that insight reliable. Because presumably your going to use it to plan ahead, improve what you do, or broadcast your findings as marketing content in advertising, your website content or social media. Either way youʼd be pretty unwise to leave it to trial an error.

Unless youʼre a seasoned market research professional thatʼs exactly what you could be doing if you trust your online survey to one of the many ʻeasy accessʼ online panels. Of course you donʼt want to spend a fortune and their low cost, fast results proposition is attractive. But work through their subscription levels to the point where youʼre actually in touch with a named individual who can advise you (usually a quite junior person with limited experience of research) and youʼll find that low cost suddenly escalates very quickly.

If you donʼt know how to specify a statically reliable survey sample size, write a clear, probing questionnaire, or develop and improve the segmentation youʼd like to achieve then good luck with Google Surveys or that one run by monkeys!

MyPointOfView is delivered by professionally recognised researchers who are recognised by the Market Research Society. Our costs are inclusive and transparent, we work just as quickly as the online survey platforms and provide a service and results that you can trust your business with.

Check out how MyPointOfView compares to the ʻlow costʼ online survey panels here.

How straightforward is that.

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